Q. What's makes Kellie K Apparel strapless bras revolutionary?

Kellie K Apparel strapless bras use a new, patent-pending technology that’s based the same principles geckos use to cling to almost any surface.  When added to our professionally designed bras you get a comfortable, hypoallergenic lining that sticks to your skin, but doesn’t hurt to remove or leave any sticky residue. The natural adhesion means the bra doesn’t have to be overly tight to stay in place. 

Q. How do I order?

We are no longer able to accept pre-orders. Please join our mailing list to be notified when sales resume in 2016!

Q. What sizes do you offer?

Our sizing chart below shows the range of sizes each Kellie K Apparel Strapless Bra style is offered.

Q. When can I expect the pre-ordered strapless bras to ship?

We are in production and are on schedule to ship in June 2016.

Q. Where are you making them?

Our products are manufactured in Los Angeles, California

Q. Can we carry Kellie K Apparel bras in our store?

Yes! We’d love for your retail space to carry our revolutionary strapless bras. Please contact us directly at sales@kelliekapparel.com